Private Home Tuition

We offer tailored tuition plans to each student and their individual subject and needs. Our tutors and staff work with parents to understand their child's school curriculum and how best to develop achievable goals that can be identified and adjusted throughout the school year. We support and guide our tutors to promote best practice policies, tools and material to make sure each student is getting high quality tuition. We encourage creative lessons that engage students and help them learn easily and effectively. 

Tuition Aims:

  • to develop a strong foundation for the subject being studied
  • to create engaging material that helps our students learn efficiently
  • to provide curriculum specific content that aids your child's progression
  • to learn and grow vocabulary
  • to use knowledge gained to broaden your child's command of language or chosen subject

Target Age Group:   Ages 6 - 16 years old

Test & Interview Preparation

RBT offers test preparation for a variety of subjects for both Hong Kong curriculum students as well as those looking to travel overseas. We provide test services to all academic age groups from Kindergarten toddlers learning Cambridge Young Learners and Trinity College, to tertiary school academic exam preparation. Test Preparation can be adopted within a student's annual private tuition schedule or can be requested separately for those who are looking only for support during this critical time. Our tutors are highly knowledgeable on UK & HK curriculum and bring with them exceptional experience to help your child succeed.

Tuition Aims:

  • to create subject and age specific material that helps your child understand the curriculum content
  • to understand how to use the knowledge learned to develop effective ways to answer questions
  • to progress at a consistent pace to reach targets set
  • to learn how to answer questions using appropriate language for both written and verbal questions
  • to create an enjoyable environment that promotes positive results for your child
  • to prepare them for difficult question wording

Target Age Group:   Ages 3 - 16 years old

Tuition Services

We offer a range of academic subjects and programmes to meet our student’s needs based on their curriculum requirements both locally or internationally. Subjects such as English, Maths and Sciences for academic students from Kindergarten to Tertiary School. Our NET tutors create tailored lesson plans to progress your child’s skills to a level they aspire to achieve. We provide concise and frequent updates to parents on our student’s progress.

Our experienced and British educated tutors deliver bespoke lesson plans to meet each of our student's required subject, age and level. We make sure to provide each client with a high level of service both in and out of their home with experienced and talented tutors working alongside knowledgeable and friendly staff

 Phonics for Kindergarten

Looking to get your child off to a good start? RBT is here to help you and your child progress at a comfortable pace. During these lessons, we shall cover foundation areas such as Phonics, Pre-Reading, Speaking and Listening Skills. Aligned to both local and international school curriculums, these lessons prepare your child for both Cambridge Young Learners Starters exams and Trinity College's Initial Stage of Spoken English Tests (GESE) from age 5 years old. These private tuition lessons are taught at your home by inspiring and experienced British tutors to give your child the best support possible. This course is aimed at children attending K1 - K3.

Tuition Aims:

  • to learn and recognise the 26 letters of the alphabet
  • to learn and recognise the 42 phonetic sounds
  • to learn and practice handwriting skills and letter formation
  • to learn how to join letter sounds to create words
  • to learn how to identify sounds in words and separate them in order to spell them
  • to learn tricky words that are unable to be decoded using phonics
  • to learn difference between words that sound the same but are spelt differently
  • to introduce new words based around specific topics
  • to learn how to write words within their vocabulary

Target Age Group:   K1 - K3 (ages 3 - 6 years old)