Red Bus Tutors (RBT) is a modern educational agency based in Hong Kong, offering ‘Private Home Tuition’ to all ages and across a mixed curriculum (UK/HK). We deliver tailored lessons to each student based on their academic and social needs. We strive for excellence in all our students, providing positive and creative lesson plans from our pool of experienced tutors. Our goal is to make sure all our students are given the appropriate tools and guidance to reach their individual potential, by creating a fun, engaging and nourishing environment for them to succeed.


'To guide and cultivate excellence through engaging and inspiring academic programmes and educators, to prepare students for their future goals, both academic and career-wise.'

Our team at RBT want to leave a positive and lasting impression on each of our students to strive for greatness and reach for the stars. Our Native English Tutors are passionate about education and are focused on supporting your child's learning goals, be it phonics and foundation level English or higher education and exam preparation. We provide you with the tutor that we believe would compliment yours and your child's needs.

Once we find that perfect fit, we work closely with tutors, parents and students to develop a customised study plan that meets your child’s requirements and aspirations. By building a strong relationship with each family, RBT is able to better understand, manage and deliver upon their academic expectations and help each student feel confident and excited during lessons.

Why The Red Bus? 

​The red double decker bus is an icon and symbol for the UK and its spectacular ingenuity as a skilled and innovative nation of bright minds, and by association the rich culture and history of the UK. Its known around the world and is instantly recognisable across a wide demographic that understands its function as a vehicle to take an individual from their original position to their desired destination. Much like the Red Bus, our team is here to be a trusted vehicle, to help our students reach their learning goals and desired destination.

Plus, “kids love buses, especially red ones”, as advised to our Founder during one of his lessons with a particularly happy and imaginative young student.

So it stuck!

Our goal is to provide experienced and engaging tutors that are aligned to each student’s current or projected academic targets, within the comfort of their own home or chosen environment.  We work with bright and driven tutors, eager to develop and ignite a sense of curiosity and desire to continue learning and improving.

Taking elements of best practice from both Eastern Systematic Learning and Western Organic Methodologies, our tutors are able to support your child’s academic growth in a creative yet target orientated fashion. We believe in a balance of the two as it helps to manage each student's individual progression plan and facilitate a positive environment for both student and educator.